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Soy wax

The three most popular scents from our AMOVINO candle collection are put in one bundle at a handsome price (12% off the usual cost).

The SAUVIGNON BLANC candle has the scent of Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough Region in New Zealand.

The candle scent combines the freshness of currant leaves, new-mown grass, and sweetness of ripe gooseberries. Its elegant and crisp fragrance will bring the vibes of a summer evening in the garden after the heat of the day subsides and the sun sinks lower, marking the time for some well-deserved rest and self-care.

The ZINFANDEL candle is inspired by the aroma of the eponymous red wine from California.

The Zinfandel scent is made up of dense and rich aromas of black and red berries, and vanilla complemented by delicate traces of orange flowers and spices.

The BRANDY candle is inspired by the fragrance of grape brandy. It unites the spiciness of dried fruit, the sweetness of flower-infused honey, and woody notes of the barrel the drink is aged in. 

The subtle comforting scent of brandy will brighten up a dank and dreary day, cheer you up, and maybe even revive the memories of far journeys.

The glowing flame of the candle gets diffused through the ribbed glass and seems to throw some rays of the setting sun right onto the surface.

They are all hand-poured candles in lead-free crystal glass jars.

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