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Basics: 3 tools that should be on your spa shelf

To start or end the day with a hot bath, you need a little: 20 minutes of free time and a cozy terry towel, ready to hug you after water procedures. But sometimes you want to add magic to everyday simplicity. In a new article, we figure out what to keep on hand to plunge into the water and remember sunny Tuscany, find out how much salt is needed to recreate the sea at home, and collect a bouquet of herbs and dried flowers for fragrant decoctions.

Essential oils

The smells of eucalyptus groves, lavender fields and chamomile meadows can soar in the air while you bask in the bathroom after a long walk on a frosty day. And at the same time they will drive away insomnia (lavender), arouse inspiration (ylang-ylang), relieve headache (rosemary) or reduce pressure (marjoram). There are so many essential oils that you can definitely pick up some favorite aromas or mix your personal elixir. Here are some general rules to make a scented bath more beneficial:

1. 5-8 drops per bath is enough for a healing effect and bright aroma.

2. To help the oil dissolve, mix it with 1 cup of base, for example, with sea salt or with ½ cup of base oil (coconut). Then add the mixture to the bath.

3. Use only natural and quality oils. After a fragrant ceremony, do not wipe yourself dry so that the remaining oil is absorbed into the skin. Pat it lightly with a towel or let it dry and put on a warm bathrobe.

4. Do not use shower gel, foam or soap at the same time as essential oils. Chemicals weaken their beneficial properties.

Sea salt

Sea water works wonders: it strengthens the immune system, helps with allergies, moisturizes the skin, makes your sleep more peaceful and helps you sleep better. To feel its healing effect, you will need 1-2 kilograms per 100 liters, that is, about 3 kilograms per bath. Choose unrefined salt that has not gone through cleaning processes. It is not snow-white, but pinkish or with a gray tint. Crystals of various shapes do not lie one on top of the other, and sandy sediment will most likely remain at the bottom of the bath. But then such a salt will smell like the sea, and your skin does not absorb anything superfluous except useful trace elements.

Enjoy a salt bath and think about the sea for 15-20 minutes, and then gently pat your skin with a towel so that the finest salt residue protects and retains moisture for a few more hours.

Tea herbs

Herbs and inflorescences are good not only for tea. Their decoctions give the water a beautiful shade, and their aroma is softer than that of essential oils, and pleasantly envelops and relaxes. To make a tea bath, you need to brew 100-300 grams of dried herbs in 2 liters of water, let it brew and add to the bath. Experiment with sprigs of rosemary and sage, brew lavender or chamomile flowers, try an infusion with raspberry and currant leaves. Make a light massage with a brush with stiff natural bristles in front of the bathtub, so that the skin absorbs the benefits of plants even better.

For lovers of aesthetics: keep a few petals or twigs whole and fresh. What could be nicer than lying surrounded by linden flowers, rosebuds or mint leaves.

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