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About us

About us

We create interior items, including furniture and accessories. All our products are made of natural materials only. Some of their parts call for special attention, so they are carefully made by hand by our ceramic artists, carpenters and metalsmiths. 

We aspire to add a touch of warmth and coziness to any space, using work carefully done by hand with natural materials and great attention to detail.



Our Story

The history of the brand dates back to 8 years ago when it originated as a wine school. There we explored the culture and esthetics of drinking under the motto of “Taste and Learn” that expressed our multi-passionate drive towards development. Our enogastronomic discoveries helped us develop an acute sense of taste and smell through the constant search for new aromatic tones and aftertaste hints. 

Amovino is all about love. It is about love towards yourself, nature, people, self-expression, and all the subtleties that make us who we are. ‘Amo vino’ literally translates as ‘I love wine’ from Spanish and Italian. Wine to us is so much more than just another beverage. It is a kind of a gateway to the world around us. Whether it is a get-together with friends, a romantic date or a private evening all by yourself, just a glass of wine will add some special notes to any occasion. So it is with wine that our brand started.

As we created the interior space for the wine school, engaged in serving and elegant presentation of wine, we inadvertently fell in love with design. That brought about the idea of making interior pieces, all subtly themed around wine.



Our Values

Sustainability, quality, versatile functionality, and laconic beauty — it is what we embed in each and every product. We take care to make sure that all our items are made of the most durable and natural materials, including precious species of wood (ash, oak, maple, American walnut), wine cork, steel, and ceramics. All wooden items are treated with eco-friendly oils or water-based acrylic varnish and then carefully wrapped into cardboard or paper packages that are 100% recyclable. Instead of using plastic bags, for some of our items we make fabric bags that go with the products as one set. It makes their storage convenient and aesthetically appealing.

We have meticulously tested all our products before bringing them to you. That is why you can rest assured that you are buying a convenient, sturdy, multifunctional and easy-care item that will become a centerpiece in your interior bringing you joy and delight.



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